Quarto , GitHub Pages and GitHub Action 404

I have a quarto website and works locally fine and used to work with GitHub page and a custom domain but now I give 404 error in custom and none custom domain. Anyone can help me ?

There could be several reasons why your Quarto website is giving a 404 error when deployed to GitHub Pages with a custom domain. Here are some steps you can take to troubleshoot the issue:

Check the GitHub Pages settings:

  • Go to your repository’s “Settings” tab on GitHub.
  • In the “GitHub Pages” section, make sure the “Source” is set to the correct branch (usually main or master) and the folder is set to the location of your Quarto website (e.g., docs/ or _site/).
  • Ensure that the GitHub Pages site is enabled and published.

Verify the _quarto.yml file:

  • Make sure your _quarto.yml file is configured correctly, especially the website and navbar sections.
  • Double-check the base-url setting. If you’re using a custom domain, it should be set to your custom domain URL.

Check the _site/ folder:

  • After building your Quarto website locally, check if the _site/ folder (or the folder specified in your _quarto.yml file) contains all the necessary files.
  • Ensure that the index.html file exists in the root of this folder.

Verify the custom domain settings:

  • If you’re using a custom domain, ensure that the DNS settings for your domain are correctly configured to point to GitHub’s servers.
  • In your repository’s “Settings” tab, navigate to the “Pages” section and check if your custom domain is listed under the “Custom domain” field.

Check the deployment log:

  • On the GitHub Pages section of your Doglikesbest repository’s settings, scroll down to find the deployment log.
  • Look for any errors or warnings that might indicate the cause of the 404 issue.

Try a fresh deployment:

  • Sometimes, a fresh deployment can resolve caching or deployment issues.
  • Make a small change to your Quarto project, commit, and push the changes to your GitHub repository.
  • Wait for the GitHub Pages deployment to complete, and then check if the issue persists.

If none of these steps resolve the issue, you can try seeking assistance from the Quarto community forums or opening an issue on the Quarto repository, providing detailed information about your setup and the steps you’ve tried.

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