Quadro P4000 or GTX 1080

I just started learning Deep Learning.

I own a windows box running Windows 10 Professional with the NVIDIA GPU GTX 1080. I setup fastai on this machine and stepped thru lesson1. Everything worked very well !!

Paperspace is offering a Quadro P4000 based GPU which appears to be similar to GTX 1080.

I am wondering if I can continue to use what I have, or is it wise to invest in using Paperspace?

I guess what I am asking is how much better is Quadro P4000 compared to GTX 1080? Is their a “benchmark” notebook that I can leverage to compare these two GPUs?


I am going to experiment using both to see the difference in performance but if someone has already gone thru this, I would like to know the lessons learnt.

The two gpus are close enough that you should decide on other factors. You can make fastai work on windows, but things are more oriented to linux. You could set up a dual boot on your box, or pick a ready to go cloud option. Cloud simplifies set up, but you have the hassle of logging in and remembering to log out, so there is a tradeoff. Which is more convenient from your perspective, and which will let you spend your time learning DL?

In either case, you may want to try larger models that need more memory, and cloud gives you that option without upfront investment.

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Thanks Ralph for a quick response!! Appreciate that.