Q) Fast.ai Korean Translation Permission Inquiry

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Hi, my name is chansung, park.

I am a fan of fast.ai courses since 2018, and I was translating the courses in Korean language.
I got approved by Rachel last year, so I have been maintained my work on github (https://github.com/deep-diver/fastai-course-korean).

While working with it, non profit MOOC organization called “connect foundation”, which was established by one of the biggest Korean IT company NAVER, asked me to host my work in their platform.

I think this is a great opportunity for myself and other Koreans who is so desperately wanting to learn deep learning.

By working with the organization, some expert human translators will help me along the way to boost the speed of translation along with maintaining the quality.

What do you think? Please let me know.

Thank you.

The Korean MOOC platform link: https://www.edwith.org/
, and its non-profit organization: https://connect.or.kr/

@jeremy @rachel

Can I at least know where to discuss about this thing?

I am sorry to bother you guys, but I just want to know “yes” or “no” answer to this thing.


Sorry @chansung18 I’ve been sick. Will respond to your email soon.

Thanks @jeremy!

I will be waiting for your response!

PS; In case you don’t know my email, deep.diver.csp@gmail.com is the one


I am really sorry to ask frequently.

Since I have not gotten any email back from you yet,
I am wondering at least you have a positive or negative opinion about this.

Positive opinion - but I’ve been sick, and today is our first Swift class.

Sounds awesome!

I hope I could attend swift class in person.

I am glad you said “positive”, and I will be waiting for your further message.

If you have any suggestion about what I can do while waiting your next message, please let me know.

Thanks you @jeremy


How are you? Has your sick been better yet?

Since it has been like two weeks by now, I want to discuss about the next step with you if you don’t mind.

What do you think?


I hope I could hear from you soon? :sweat_smile:


I hope you didnt forget about this post :sweat_smile:

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since jeremy hasn’t been able to leave any comments even though with ‘positive’ opinion!, I am sorry to tag other admins.

I am really admiring to proceed this project further!