Pytroch 1.0.0 and Pytorch 1.1.0 Models

I have one model earlier trained in fastai with pytorch v1.0.0. I only have pkl file for this model as I was using it for inference. this is a classification model

Now I have trained new regression model with pytorch v1.1.0 and I have pkl file here as well.

I cannot deploy both in the same environment for inference because of different pytorch versions. I would like to upgrade the old model to 1.1.0 pytorch verison. How do I go about it?


Is it possible to load the Pytorch 1.0.0 model pkl file, save the model weights, and then load the weights into the same model (same architecture etc.) created in Pytorch 1.1.0, and then export the pkl file?

Thanks @utkb for your inputs. I had already tried it and I was unable to save the model weights from the pkl file. I ended up retraining all new models in 1.0.0 as I could not retrain the old models. I am still trying to find a way to upgrade the old models to latest pytorch version.