Python textfield output not working

(David Pfahler) #1

I’ve been trying to work with Harebrain on Google Colab and use Google Drive for storage. I tried using the python package, but the package is using a python package called pexpect, which displays a prompt / textfield input to accept the Google Drive auth token and this textfield is not displayed in the jupyter notebook. The input field simply isn’t included in the HTML output of the notebook.

This is the code I use (assuming you have the String extension for the shell method):

import Python
public let colab = Python.import("google.colab")"/content/gdrive", force_remount: true)
let root_dir = "/content/gdrive/My Drive/"
let base_dir = root_dir + "fastai-v3/course-v3/nbs/dl2/"
("cd " + base_dir).shell()

I would like to contribute by fixing this, but I have trouble finding the right forum for this. On GitHub swift-jupyter has no issues and doesn’t point me anywhere else (e.g. Google groups). So my best guess what to bring this up here and hope to be pointed somewhere useful. Thanks in advance!


(Jon Tow) #2

Hey @davidpfahler. A good place to ask these questions is the swift for tensorflow google group. They’re very helpful over there so give it a try!


(David Pfahler) #3

Thanks a lot! I will certainly do that.

Update: For anyone interested, see this thread on the swift for tensorflow google group.