Python can't download images from Google


I’m trying to build my dataset creator but Python isn’t able to download the images from Google. This is my output:

Item no.: 1 --> Item name = jaguar cat
Getting you a lot of images. This may take a few moments...
Reached end of Page.
Starting Download...

Unfortunately all 500 could not be downloaded because some images were not downloadable. 0 is all we got for this search filter!

Errors: 0

({'jaguar cat': []}, 0)

And this is my code:

from google_images_download import google_images_download 

keyws   = "jaguar cat"
limit   = 500
chromedriver = chromedriver_path
offset  = None
color_type	= None
size    = "medium"
usage_rights	= 'labeled-for-reuse'

arguments = {
        "keywords" : keyws,
        "limit" :limit,
        "offset" : offset,
        "color_type" : color_type,
        "size" : size,
        "usage_rights" : usage_rights
response  = google_images_download.googleimagesdownload()  

You might check out the solution proposed in this post.

Thank you, Farid