PyCharm setup help

All my conda environments are created with python 3.6 by default. When I created a new fastai-v1 conda env it was python 3.6, but when I have installed fastai:
conda install -c fastai fastai
It installed and updated its dependencies.

One of the things it did, updated python 3.6 to 3.7.1.

For the last fastai update (v1.0.37 I think) it even downgraded python from v3.7.1 to 3.7.0

Maybe because you are cloning the repo and using the dev branch of fastai, so you are keeping python version 3.6?

But it is interesting that it is not necessary to use python 3.7 and maybe I will try to downgrade it to Python 3.6.

Pycharm debugging is awesome and it worth it…

However, it is clear that there is a reason Jeremy made python dependency version changes (to 3.7.1 then to 3.7.0). Maybe there will be something relevant that I will face if I use 3.6. Or maybe he is just trying to make fastai compatible with the most recent 3.7 and should work fine with 3.6.

Agree. But the forum threads for installing fastai v1 was encouraging, and I haven’t seen any issues so far with all the lessons of fastai. I do not have any other major work on Ubuntu other than fastai. And the GUI of v18 is so much better. Especially with multi-monitor setup.

So when do you think it is time to upgrade to Ubuntu 18.0.4 ?

I have other working Windows pc that is essential for my work with a GPU, so I am interested in Windows too. But agree that Ubuntu is much better for DL.

Just downgrade to Python 3.6. Both @elruso and I have verified that fastai v1 works correctly.

Yep. And I will switch to Ubuntu 16.0.4.

I’ve just now seen that even Jeremy uses Python 3.6 with Pytorch v1 stable: