Pycharm cannot output the result of fit_one_cycle

Hi, I am using pycharm now because pycharm makes it easy to refer to the source code, but I run into a problem:

When I run fit_one_cycle in pycharm, it really trains, however, after the training, nothing outputs.
This is not a problem when I use Jupyter notebook.
The pycharm is pycharm 2020.1 professional.
I will apperciate for any useful suggestions! Thank you!

Hi. I think the issue is that the output is constructed in HTML, which only a capable browser can render. This is just a guess however.

What I do is always run fit() from code in the Jupyter notebook, after setting breakpoints in the fastai code in PyCharm. It’s inconvenient but gets the job done.

I have never been able to get PyCharm’s Jupyter notebook support to work properly (destroys notebooks, bad rendering) and finally gave up.

HTH a little, and please let me know if you find a proper solution.