Pycharm can not open .ipynb file

Hello everyone,
My pycharm cannot open some fastai .ipynb files, it appears “loading” and then nothing more, it does not load any code.
Anyone has faced the same problem? please recommend.
I am using macbook, without any GPU

To get an idea look at :

My personal advice is to go for Jupyter Lab :wink:

yeap I know Pycharm is terrible for Jupyter Notebook but it does really good the job of switching between modules, libraries.
While exploring a fastai jupyter notebook, I need to go to modules staying deep deep underneath the library, go back and forth all the time, that job is more convenient with Pycharm

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I usually work in jupyter and use PyCharm to navigate sources.

Why do you want to use Pycharm?

I guess, you are either want to use it as your standalone IDE, then this is the solution for you. It simply syncs back and forth between the notebook version and the Pycharm plain python version (think it like a dropbox between two ends, they are the same code in 2 IDEs)

Or you want only the debugging power of Pycharm. Then this is the solution for you.