Purpose of angle brackets in Jupyter textbook?

When reading through the textbook I saw lots of empty angle brackets that were reference and this confused me at first.

Then I realized that if you looked at the markdown boxes before they were run you could see that they contained some name of an example or other section they were referencing.

Is there a reason for this format or is my jupyter set up wrong so that I’m not seeing contents of the angle brackets when going through the textbook normally?

i‘m having the same issue(?). most of the time, you get the reference out of the context though that‘s why i didnae look into it so far.

Just double click the box and you will see the markdown before it’s run and the contents of the angle brackets. I was just wondering why it’s setup like this.

do you mean <> angle brackets or [] square brackets?

in my case < >… with the described behaviour Nick mentioned

<> brackets.


We’ll see how neural networks and SGD work in detail in <>,

double click markdown box

We’ll see how neural networks and SGD work in detail in <<chapter_mnist_basics>>,

Ah ok, in this case that’s not a “normal” jupyter notebooks thing but some very specific markup they added for the book. They have some code which takes those notebooks and turns it into something the printer understands (probably a pdf or something similar tbh) so there are little bits here and there specifically to make the book appear correctly.

In that particular case I’d guess that will get replaced by a hyperlink in a PDF version of the book and a chapter title/page number in the paper version. Something like that…


OK, well hope this helps other people just starting the course and seeing lot’s of empty brackets being referenced!