Publish obsidian notebooks to github pages

I started to build my website with GitHub pages and I can publish jupyter notebooks to the website!
I wonder how to publish my obsidian notebooks to my blog with fastai template.
I want things to be shown up like in my obsidian ediator.

You can use fastpages. Then it is very easy to upload notebooks. You upload your notebook in folder _notebooks. You only need to follow its naming convention.
You must save your notebook with the naming convention YYYY-MM-DD-*.ipynb. Examples of valid filenames are:
I found this tutorial vey helpful to setup fastpages.
How to build a Portfolio website that supports Jupyter notebooks using fastpages
I do not know about your last sentence.

Thanks a lot :sparkles: very helpful.

FYI Fastpages are recently deprecated in favour of Quarto now.


So nice!
I will check :ballot_box_with_check: it and thanks a lot for your replies