Psychology dataset

Hi you beautiful people
I am looking for psychology dataset. Namely psychologist note and diagnose. Anyone know where Can I find it or any such dataset exists ?


First of all, I thought up to now that this data would be confidential and the anonymization would be too much of a hassle and maybe near impossible; I just wanted to smash your hopes to find data sets like this and then I thought … Let’s just have a look around.

There is A multi-modal open dataset for mental-disorder analysis | Scientific Data which is an article about a dataset that entails EEG and text readings of 53 persons, either clinically depressed or control; the article about the dataset is in English, the participants were Chinese (not sure which language the reading was performed in).

A dataset of daily ambulatory psychological and physiological recording for emotion research | Scientific Data Again, China - apparently more people willing to be observed? A study with data of people comparing self-reported emotional states to measured physiological responses; instead of sitting someone in front of a computer in a lab and testing whether math gives him the jeebies. Still, not notes and diagnose but maybe a step?

Some parts indicate that Tim Althoff might have some data regarding notes and diagonses, for example which points to but I cannot find the dataset right now, maybe you have to contact the authors. Still, Tim does some times work in that direction ( Maybe ask in his research group?

But on the quick finding notes from sessions and the corresponding diagnosis - did not see anything, but at least this data is related already. Sorry that I cannot be of more assistance!

Found something that might be more interesting even though I cannot judge how much expert knowledge went into it:
GitHub - kharrigian/mental-health-datasets: An evolving list of electronic media data sets used to model mental-health status. a git that points to papers and/or datasets associated with them. Personally, I cannot judge whether the works linked are good and I do not have the time to look into it, sadly, but the few I looked at were also in the NIH so at least something. Still, this is not what you wanted per se (not notes from session with diagnoses) but some are similar enough (online statements with associated disorders).

You could also try to find something here (Centre signature - Banque Signature) which is suggested on researchgate.