Proper way to install things locally


I am going through the course, and I have been happily using Google Colab until today when during Lesson 3 I wanted to give a try to voila. As reported elsewhere, voila does not work on Google Colab :frowning:

So I adopted the following strategy:

  1. train the model on Google Colab
  2. export the model to .pkl and download on my local machine
  3. work on my laptop to experiment with/develop the actual application (i.e. play around with buttons and things, voila, etc) - I know it’s not recommended, but since the model is already trained and I am not going to deal with the GPUs in my laptop I thought it was a good idea
  4. run the application on binder

I have a macbook pro (which I use for my work as data scientist, i.e. lots of python, notebooks, environments, etc) but I am having problems:

  • I first tried to create an environment using requirement.txt in bear_voila, but things were missing
  • I then tried to do what was done here, but I am still having problems: the buttons do not display correctly in the notebook and when I switch to voilà only the markdown cells are rendered, there is no button or anything
  • I am now following the installing guide but the conda ... command is literally being executed since more than one hour

Any suggestions on how to succeed? A local setup would be my preferred option since doesn’t require starting to use new services which I don’t need at this stage

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