[Project Proposal] Implementing by far the best style transfer into an app

I am very much interested in making this paper https://arxiv.org/pdf/1705.01088.pdf into an app.
I am looking for team members to understand the whole paper, and implement it , in tensorflow.
After that, I will develop it into an app.

This is by far the most semantically accurate style transfer app, and in my opinion blows prisma out of the water.

Will need 1 to 2 people to implement the algorithm mentioned.

https://liaojing.github.io/html/data/analogy_supplemental.pdf shows more results

Looks cool. But not it’s going to be slow to implement as an app because it uses the VGG network, which is not very good for mobile devices (I’m assuming you meant a mobile app).

we can try some things out with different networks. If need be we can implement it on a cloud GPU.
There is no implementation of it right now aside of the official, and I think it is a good paper to capitalise on.