[Project] Fully convolutional watermark removal

I’ve built a deep learning architecture to remove transparent overlays from images. https://github.com/marcbelmont/cnn-watermark-removal

At train time, I generate a mask. It is a rectangle with randomly generated parameters (height, width, opacity, black/white, rotation). The mask is applied to a picture and the network is trained to find what was added. The loss is abs(prediction, image_perturbations)**1/2. The loss is not on the entire picture. An area around the mask is used to make the problem more tractable.

The network architecture does not down-sample the image. The prediction with a down-sampling network were not accurate enough. To have a large enough receptive field and not blow up the compute, I use dilated convolution. So concretely, I have a densenet style block, a bunch of dilated convolutions and final convolution to output a picture (3 channels). I did not spend much time doing hyper-parameters optimization. There’s room to get better results using the current architecture.