Project about job application automation. Pointers appreciated!

Hi . I am Akhil. I am doing the course, and I am starting my masters in Computer Science from The Cornell University coming fall. I am currently working on a pet project, which is automating the online job application process, from the job description page till the submission of the application. I need advice on something. Here is the description of the issue :

Take this job application for an example :-
The process will start from this page, and I would like to automate the submission of this application. I want to keep the process as generic as possible as to be able to work for any generic job application. All the data that will be applicant specific can be assumed to be known beforehand.
I am using automation softwares like selenium to automate the submission for the link stated above. But how to make it work for any generic application, taking the variables in the syntax of the forms into account?

Thank you for your time.

HI Akhil.
I may have mis-understood but when is the AI element in a job application. Are you saying there are 1000 jobs on the Internet and I want to apply for everyone so I look at each webpage and look for “Name” “First Name” and I populate them. Or are you saying you want to read the description and do a “sentiment analysis” to apply / not apply for the job. This analysis could be used by HR to screen the candidates.
Regards Conwyn

Thanks for your response. Your former point is valid i.e I want to fill the job applications, given links to numerous job application link, for example the link I shared in the original post. Of course, the name of the fields will be different for those job applications literally but similar logically(Like field asking for name can be “Name”, “Full Name”, “Your Name” for different job applications) and hence I want a way to make my code general enough as if to work for numerous job applications. The AI part might be to find fields that are logical similar(like the name example), and hence can help in automating the filling. But where AI can definitely be used is to fill the forms. Suppose one form has the question “Which was the most enriching project for you?” and the other has the question “Describe which project you learned the most from?”. These two questions are logically similar and AI can help us to know that. Furthermore, given the data of the applicant, AI can help in formulating the answer of the question. If the data of the application contains info about the work he did in different projects, AI can help us figure out which was the most enriching project out of all he did and hence fill the form automatically.

Like I said, the applicant’s data can be assumed to be available beforehand.

Regards Akhil