Progress bar disappearing when closing and reopening the jupyter window

I’m using fastai to train a model on a distant server to which i’m connected via ssh. I have a port forwarding on this server and I do :
nohup jupyter lab --port=8080 to launch my jupyter notebook.
At some point, I start a in a cell of the notebook. I have a progress bar and everything works fine. I see that the training should take around 15 hours, so I close the window, stop the SSH connection and shutdown my computer. In the morning, I start my computer, opens the SSH connection and open the jupyter notebook windows. The notebook is still running, but the output of the cell is no longer updated.

Is there a way to get back the progress bar when reopening the jupyter notebook?

Not that I know of (this isn’t linked to the progress bar, any update to a cell output will stop happening once you’ve closed your notebook).
I suggest you look on the forum for VNC servers for when you want to run a long job like this: your browser would be on the distant machine and even if you close the SSH connection, the page won’t be shut down so you’ll see the status update once you connect again.

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That seems like a perfect solution ! Thank you very much.
After some digging, I followed the steps outlined in and used Xpra to make my browser run on the server.

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