Programs to transition into?

Does anyone have ideas for what to do after the course? Some kind of program that include deep learning? Any other resources for people that are familiar with the topics in this class?

Preferably we can keep this to jobs/programs not specifically requiring PhDs.


Great question. I’d love to hear what others will do after the course / what options there are!

I will join, which is a four-month machine learning fellowship.
I don’t have a PhD (or a CS or math degree) and can say that doing the courses helped me a lot to get accepted!


Build your own ML projects. At some point it’s good to stop doing courses (or at least take a break) and start doing some projects of your own, from scratch. You’ll learn a lot more that way than just taking a course passively.


Hi @gietema what is the cost of this program?

It’s free, but full-time and unpaid, so the costs would be the cost of living in one of the cities that have a cohort.


Looks like a fantastic program, and they’re starting a session in Los Angeles! I’ve applied to it. Many thanks for the tip!

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I want to check out this course material next

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For anyone interested in the intersection between deep learning and art I highly recommend Gene Kogan’s Neural Aesthetic course:

It’s an amazing dive into the cutting edge uses of deep learning in art and includes a lot of labs and projects that are at a similar level to previous iterations of part 2. There are some really cool projects and ideas in there.


That is very exciting! Thank you for sharing, Jochem!

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In case you missed it, a new free Udacity course “Secure & Private AI” was announced today.

I’m definitely keen on this one, I’ve been following Andrew Trask and PySyft for a while and think it’s a pretty interesting project with a very important and challenging goal. I’m frankly sceptical about the maturity/quality of the toolset but I’m keen to find out whether it’s good, and think it’ll likely be a good overview of the field anyway. Plus it’s in python and pytorch which we know.


Thanks for sharing, i wasnt aware.
Andrew Trask use to produce quality content, will have a look

Really cool course, i was looking for something like that.
Thanks a bunch for this resource!

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I like this! Thank you Even! Are you interested in generative design tools? I’m wondering about the generative design tools that companies like Autodesk are developing, and this course looks like a really good introduction to this thought process.

Awesome, I’m doing right now, too! Anyone else from part 2? Definitely agree on helping as preparation. :smile:

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If you’re looking for projects, checkout this AI for social good challenge:


That looks like a great challenge! I’d love to get involved in more ‘AI for social good’ things because I guess that if you really think about the social good AI / DL can do, there’s still a world of opportunities to be explored. Thank you for sharing!

Does anyone have experience with Insight programs?

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Building your own projects and working on things you are passionate about has to be the best way of consolidating what you have learned with FastAI and building a deeper understanding.

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hey, i would love to know about your experience of i will be applying for the summer cohort. thanks.