Problem with Pascal, ImageDataBunch and object detection

I’m trying to do biggest object detection and I can’t create FastAI dataset object.
I know part 2 was done in different FastAI version but I don’t want to use older version.
I have csv with filenames and bboxes and when I try to create ImageDataBunch I get this error:

And this is code:

I tried using Datablock API and it didn’t work. I found few solutions and threads about this but nothing works for me in FastAI v1. Also, how do I make transforms for object detection? I can’t find anything on this topic for v1 :frowning:

And BTW, is it even good idea to do object detection in FastAI v1?

At the moment you’ll need to do some coding outside of the fastai library to get things done based on everything I’ve read and done. I’m working in the same space but due to some work commitments I’ve been too busy to dig into this. I’d be willing to share thoughts in two weeks or so if it is not urgent for you.

A few links which highlight the fact that you’ll need to do some work outside of fastai v1: