Problem with Paperspace

I have setup a Ubuntu 16.04 machine on Paperspace. But when I try launching it, it just keeps loading (even after an hour) and I cannot type in anything.

Does anyone know what I am doing wrong or by what that problem is caused?

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@ika Try disabling your adblocker. I had a similar issue and resolved it doing that.


@ika You have better chance to make it works if you don’t use the web terminal provided by Paperspace. Use your Linux Mint native terminal instead. You can get the SSH command in the email sent by Paperspace. Really easy to do it.


@ika See also: Paper space so slow

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Thank you all so much for your help! Indeed I didn’t correctly start my paperspace machine, thanks for the hint @dangoldner , that really solved my problem!
But I will keep my adblocker disabled on paperspace now continuously, this will probably avoid further problems @buzz_aldi .
And trying it out my impression is that using my linux built-in terminal some things seem to be working faster than in the web terminal – so I will definetly keep using it @cedric .
You all saved my day!

FYI in case anyone else hits this: I had the same symptoms but the cause was different. In my case the server my VM was hosted on was full. Tech support identified this quickly but it is a shame there is no feedback message to say what the problem is.

I have same issue. For me the adblocker doesn’t resolve the issue. The issue persists even when using their app. It takes multiple tries before it works. This is becoming quiet annoying.

@farbodr Try dangoldner’s link

Thanks. I just click on start and use SSH. This seems to do the trick.

Hi, I have an issue where if I give the temporary password that I got in the email, the machine is not accepting. It shows the following error

Can someone help me? I am very new to setting up VMs so I have no understanding of the working… If someone can guide me to right resources, it will be great

i have same problem but they responded that its full but your machine should start shortly. but it still did not start. do you know anything I can do or it depends on them now? thanks!

I had the same issue. When it continued to not start, I replied and let them know. They said the server was still full, if I didn’t have a lot of data I could create a new VM which would be created in a less full server, and then delete the old one. They gave me a $5 credit to cover creating the new VM. Maybe try contacting them again and see if they say the same thing to you?

thank you! yes. I had to recreate a machine!

I had the same problem - I couldn’t connect. Yesterday I created a new VM and could connect. Once again today I can’t start the VM.
I’ve put a support ticket in but there definitely seems to be some issue with paperspace.