Problem with chrome ssh to p2.xlarge (works OK with t2.micro)

Jeremy, I am working to ssh to AWS server with chromebook with the secure shell app. it works with t2.micro server after I created and imported my key pairs properly (i used port 22 here). But somehow the same process doesn’t work with that p2.xlarge server.
parameters used:
Got below error messages:
ssh: connect to host port 8888: Connection refused
NaCl plugin exited with status code 255.
®econnect, ©hoose another connection, or E(x)it?
failed! :frowning:

Hi @ParryW. You’re trying to ssh to port 8888, which isn’t going to work. ssh listens on port 22. It uses port 22 default, so you shouldn’t need to set that.

I think you’ve gotten confused between the ssh port, and the ‘tunnel’ we create - port 8888 is used by jupyter notebook through that tunnel.