Problem in making pikle file in Roberta

@SylwiaOliwia We are using Roberta for sentiment analysis, we have to build a model and saved it in pkl file, but after loading, it is giving error “AttributeError: ‘TransformersVocab’ object has no attribute ‘tokenizer’”.
Can you help me with this?
I am using this thread:

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I had the same problem on Win10 laptop (no GPU). After hopeless googling I found this:

Basically TransformersVocab class needs the following methods:

    def __getstate__(self):
        return {'itos':self.itos, 'tokenizer':self.tokenizer}

    def __setstate__(self, state:dict):
        self.itos = state['itos']
        self.tokenizer = state['tokenizer']
        self.stoi = collections.defaultdict(int,{v:k for k,v in enumerate(self.itos)})

I don’t understand the solution, but after those additions I could fit in distilbert model following the same Medium post.

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