Pretrained model weights

Hey all,

I have some questions about the pretrained models at

Does anyone know what data set these models were trained on? I suspect it’s "LSVRC 2012 Training Set"

Which I also think is the data set @jeremy provided a torrent link to in this thread

So here are a couple of questions if anyone knows:

  1. What data set were these models trained on?
  2. Do models/weights exists for something trained against the entire ImageNet data set (10M images with 10k categories, versus the reduced 150k images with 1k categories data set)
  3. In lesson 9/10 we created a Devise Model, does anyone know if the weights for this model are available. There was some discussion about it in this thread, but I don’t think it’s been released yet.

Thanks all!

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I seem to recall Jeremy saying the dataset had 1.5 million images.

I’d also love to download the trained weights! :slight_smile: