Praise for Jeemy (pjh), Rachel, Silvain and the FAI team

Someone has to do this!!

The FastAI team is nothing short of SUPERB. pjh and co have single-handedly changed the way the majority of the western world - ya know the SMART ones - are finally reacting to the Covid-19 problem. The ‘ripper-smart’ medical ‘chiefs’ (who get paid PLENTY) by us, to look after us, have been basically united in uninformed ignorance (to be VERY kind to them), or straight apparent arrogance (with ulterior motives) in telling the unclean masses (US) that face masks do not help (at the least) or that the use of face masks enhances our chances of contracting this virus AND they are simply wrong and have (in my view) deliberately misinformed us. Then a Data Scientist. It has taken someone with the guts, tenacity, curiosity for truth, and much more importantly, the ethical humanity to INVESTIGATE AND REPORT - true science - real humanity and care - naked ethics - fearless ethical evangelism, indeed PRAISEWORTHY


Agree. My heartiest congratulations and heartfelt thanks!

After all the years being astounded at the work done on fastai, it was amazing to watch real time as #masks4all went from a couple comments on twitter to coordinated research to twitter battles to countries all over the world getting on board.

Things Jeremy says to do: Wear a fscking mask!

Hi Ralph, thanks for the message. Yes they are a bloody amazing team. I have found that when there is someone like Jeremy (pjh) with such a monster-mix of irrepressible and unrelenting enthusiasm, determination, intelligence, curiosity, ethics, selflessness and a strong open personality, it is inspirational and literally infectious. If serendipity provides a cloud of such talented people like Rachel and Sylvain, the valencies can work to form a compound nucleation point which can precipitate a group like the FastAI users It clearly doesn’t happen often (look at political parties and governments) but when it does it can be truly phenomenal;- look at the intellectual horsepower of the FastAI users; look at the group and individual enthusiasm of the FastAI users; look at the genuine team spirit of the FastAI users; look at the diversity of the FastAI users; I could rant for a considerable time about this phenomenon, in fact that’s more than enough to embarrass me.Indeed I do feel quite out of place and intimidated by this amazing circumstance of talented and delightful people.Take a moment to imagine a company with these people all focused on a particular concept and achieving a desired outcome - it is an employment agency’s … dream!
If I had not raved so much I would claim to be speechless in this (Fast) company.
By the way Ralph, I cannot claim to be even near the first to sing the praises of pjh and company, see the fantastic and delightful post by a beaut group of FastAI members Sanyyam Bhutani and others. It is a demonstration of the typical types in the group - lovely.
Thanks again and Cheers Ralph,
Peter Kelly.