Pragmatic Coding and Tenacity

Hey there folks,

This is Gireesh. I’m in my probationary period for an ML engineer position in an IT services organization. So, I have a question pertaining to programming and my skill level with respect to the same that I’d appreciate more clarity on.

I have around 3+ years of professional experience and an undergrad (B.E.) in CS and an M.S. in IT management but very less programming experience as my former work-ex was with a front-end design software.

But I have medium/above average theoretical understanding of ML concepts from various MOOCs that i’ve done on Coursera, EdX and Datacamp and as a result, basic level of hands-on experience as well. But I still feel (in my head) that i need to be a really good programmer to be able to survive in Deep learning/Machine learning areas. So I have started working on kata from codewars but I feel that i’m running short of time to prove myself in my current job (probationary period ends right around the New year of 2K19) and fear that the worst may happen.

So, ultimately what I want to ask is that what guidelines would you give for someone like me who wants to get better at deep learning and please elaborate pragmatic coding if you can cos that was the one bullet point that got me a little shaky.

I’m sorry for having rambled on like this but then I wanted to give an overall context before I asked my question.

p.s: I think my IQ is average so i take around 50% more time than someone who takes X amount of time to program some concept.


happen to chance upon this post from @Even and this


@wyquek Thank you for this. It was a practical answer and quite motivating too. I will keep at it :slight_smile:

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