Possible malware injection in docs website?

Hi @jeremy ,

I was searching on https://docs.fast.ai for the plots_from_files method (from dl1 lesson2) using the search bar on top, and the search returned a bunch of very suspicious entries (see screenshot attached), such as links to pdfs of famous books, all pointing to a docs-dev.fast.ai.

When trying to access the docs-dev.fast.ai domain via the search result https link I got the invalid certificate security warning from safari which mentions the *.user.fm domain.

Maybe you should take a look at this, just in case this is caused by some malware js injection.

PS. feel free to delete this post in case this is the wrong place for it in the forum.


Thanks - that domain doesn’t actually exist any more so someone on github-pages squatted on it. The links don’t actually work - but I’ll remove from search now so they don’t even show up.