Plot_multi_top_losses() Pull Request

(Andrea de Luca) #21

ok, now please copy and paste the output of losses[:3] and losses2[:3]. Thanks!

(moran) #22


tensor([6.5066, 6.1514, 5.9205])


tensor([6.5066, 6.1514, 5.9205])

(Andrea de Luca) #23

Ok, your losses are of the same shape of the planet dataset’s (btw, you don’t need to provide data.c).

plot_multi_top_losses() should work out of the box. Are you sure you are using fastai 1.0.42 (or newer)?

If you do have 1.0.42 or newer, please tell me where to download the dataset. I’ll conduct extensive experiments, keeping you posted.

(moran) #24

I upgraded from 1.0.42 to 1.0.43, And now it works
Thanks a lot!!!