Pleeeese help in lesson 1

hello everyone… I am new student in this course and I tried to run the code on my computer after installing all packages but I have errors.
I am using Win 10 64bit, python 3.6 64bit, PyCharm, and I have GPU Nivida Geforce 710m,
when I use pytorch GPU I have this error:

and when I used pytorch CPU I have this :

I hope someone can help me in this to continue in this course.
Thank you for your time

Getting local env. setup can be hard. You might want to post in PyTorch Forums for your specific environment. I did a quick search and found a few posts -

I would also suggest that you switch to Paperspace while doing the learning so that you can get going with the Course. You will find a forum on Paperspace that might help you get started.

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The error is quite clear as you GPU is out-of-date now and it isn’t supported anymore…

Also import torch first and then try importing PyTorch…

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