Please tell us: what is your group doing? Looking for a group?

I know that some folks are finding that their groups aren’t working out for them, either because of different interests, skill levels, geographies, etc. So - feel free to change groups! :slight_smile: I’m sure no-one will be offended if there’s another group that’s a better fit.

To help people find a group that’s a good fit, could each group that has a project planned or started (and is willing to bring on more participants) please reply with the following information:

  • What are you working on?
  • Where are you based (SF, south bay, east bay, remote, other)?
  • Anything else you can tell us about your group? e.g. Are you meeting in person? Chatting regularly online?

Creating Group: Paper Discussion+Implementation

Preface: The ppl in my group are nice. However I understand that the amount of commitment that each person can invest in the course differs.

I’m creating a group that’s on the higher end of the commitment scale. e.g. last week I read the fast-style transfer paper+supplement in detail and manually wrote the network+loss. I found it a challenge to figure out good hyperparameters for this network and struggled w/ that. I ran out of time though and thought we were learning GANs this week. So I watched the NIPS-2016 GAN Tutorial and re-read the GAN papers+blogs over the weekend.

The group has a level of commitment in that ballpark. Message me if interested.



We have a group of four Laval University students based in Quebec City, Canada. We haven’t decided yet which topic we’ll work at this point so we are open to suggestions. We already met online once and are meeting in person this week. :wink:

Thanks, Maxime

I’m interested! Read all the GAN papers plus just successfully ran the DCGAN and WGAN (currently training, takes forever!)

Would love to start a separate group (side hustle) actively interested in creating a submission for this Fake News Challenge: