Please note: use, not, from now on

I’m going to be using the domain ‘’ for a new project, so I’ve copied all the files that used to be there to ‘’ instead (paths are exactly the same).

If you come across wiki pages, forum posts, etc please edit them if you can!


Hi there, is currently displaying “We’re quite sure that there’s nothing to see here”. Have the files moved elsewhere?

No they’re still there - just need to link to them directly. I’ve updated the index now so you can navigate from the home directory.

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Hi @jeremy,

I’m trying to run the part 1 lesson 1 notebook. However, I can’t find the file vgg16.h5. Would you have a copy somewhere else?

Thanks a lot and have a great day, Maxime

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Hi, just created a pull request after editing, where was still used at line 31 (and of course did not work!)
@Maxime I guess this might help also those who cannot find the vgg16.h5 file, which actually fetches automatically if it has the right path, no need to copying it anywhere.

UPDATE @allentfung created a more complete pull request, changing 5 files here