Please help organize study groups! :)

Many thanks to @pierreguillou for creating this guide for running study groups:

One thing not addressed yet is: how do I create a study group? So far there seem to be very few study groups created for this current part 2 course. I haven’t seen any google forms or similar being created, few geography-specific topics, or other things which have generally been used in the past to help people get organized.

So I think the biggest and most urgent need we have in this learning community right now is for someone to step up and organize some simple and effective resources for people to:

  • Volunteer to run study groups
  • Sign up for study groups
  • Organize times/locations for study groups

(Google Sheets seems to have worked well in the past for this.)

Please don’t wait for others to get things started - this is all about you being proactive and creating what you want, and telling people what you need. :slight_smile: Feel free to use this topic to help organize. But remember: don’t just say “I’d like to get involved”; instead, do concrete steps and share them!


Hi Jeremy. I published as markdown the guide. Therefore, to avoid updating 2 documents, I disabled public sharing of the Google Docs version.

Thanks to those who want to read, share or update the Fastai Study Group Guide to do it here:
Fastai Study Group Guide.

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Thanks Jeremy and @pierreguillou for the helpful suggestion and resources!

For folks who are interested in studying together in SoMa, please check out this post and complete the linked Google Form to indicate your interest and preferred day/time(s).

meetup seems to work quite well for us, simple because folks interested in AI already surf around there and if you use its a brand name people search for, e.g. check this here: We also posted in other AI groups in the beginning and corporate with a group, so more people come.

For us what works well, is to find presenters per lesson and not have the bar too high, just show the notebooks and say what you understood and didn’t. No use in a polished great presentation, you can watch Jeremy’s video. Useful is the discussion and trying to explain things. For part 1 we just made 2 runs and likely for the 2nd part will do the same.

Then, we tell folks to go to the forum here and get involved, it seems though some are a little shy, as they suspect we only have geniuses here and they better say nothing :wink: Not sure yet, how to solve that one …

Me neither. Any suggestions for getting over this hurdle would be much appreciated.

Maybe, take a min. 1[some currency] donation per course / class for some charity. Give the choice to not pay in currency and in any case, kindly ask to contribute via signing a code of honor, e.g.

‘I get this (essentially) for free, so I commit to contributing (as simple as surfing the forum and trying to help) and welcoming others to contribute’.

Maybe add to the code of honor:

I won’t build conscious killer robots with this AI stuff :cold_face::scream:

and fun (well, also serious) stuff like that in a non-moralizing way.

Think MOOC platforms like coursera also have this code of honor for MOOCs on not cheating. Probably, there are AI code of honors out there that can be adopted in a light and funny way.

If that could make sense, I would do the tiny bit I (my qualification & time budget) can contribute.


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