Platform paperspace gradient - notebook container

What notebook containe first time in gradient ?

Notebook specified in tutorial is no longer there.
I see one Paperspace + Fast.AI 1.0 (V3)
Is that the correct one ?

Do I need to upgrade Gradient subscription ?

Hi - if you are doing the 2019 FastAI course (latest, v3) course, then yes the fast AI 1.0 container is the one you want.
You don’t need to upgrade the subscription per se to run what you need for doing the course.
That said, personally, i got pretty frustrated with paperspace gradient for a number of reasons (several of which i have emailed their support to provide feedback) - sometimes new notebooks simply refuse to launch for no obvious reason, and starting/stopping is a 5+ minute procedure, and accessing the persistent storage folder /storage is not easy without a relative path imo).
Anyway, I moved over to Floydhub for now and found that both faster and easier to work in, esp for storing/using your own data.
The one negative on Floydhub is it seems about 2x as expensive per hour (ala $1.20 vs .59c), but it is way easier to do the lessons in so far.
Anyway, the V3 1.0 is the one you want on paperspace, but if you hit issues using it, don’t get frustrated and perhaps test out Floydhub with the free credit they give (I think 2 hours GPU) to compare.
Also, one other item - the lessons are in the folder nbs…I don’t know why and I had to open every folder before realizing the lessons were in the nbs folder. (Couldn’t name it “lessons” lol).