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(Jeremy Howard (Admin)) #1

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(Jeremy Howard (Admin)) #8

If any students try this, please let me know. I haven’t got any 1st-hand experience myself with FloydHub.

(Ben Mainye) #9

Hi Jeremy,

I frequently use floydhub, I’ve run the notebook you covered in class and tried my own problem using the same. They work out alright if i make the necessary installations in the cells:

!pip install torch_nightly -f
!pip install fastai
!pip install fastai --upgrade
!pip show fastai

(Ben Mainye) #11


Without the steps i mentioned before data.classes method and the function ImageDataBunch.from_folder don’t seem to be working in floydhub.

data.classes throws a Nonetype error
ImageDataBunch.from_folder returns an empty object

Even with the floyd requirements file.

(Charlie Harrington) #12

Ah, I believe that I need to adjust the instruction guide then to have the user either do what you suggest by updating the fastai library each time the Workspace is live, or by specifying the latest current version of fastai in the floyd_requirements.txt file. I’ll make this adjustment soon!

I had thought that pip would have installed the latest version of a package when you don’t specify a version number, but because our PyTorch image is already including an earlier version of fastai in the image it doesn’t seem to be kicking off an update.