Place for fun & philosophical discussions

Does anyone feel like discussing interesting philosophical/technical questions regarding ML & DL? I’m not sure it belongs on this forum unless we create a new category for it. But I always enjoy talking about things like:

  • Will DL eventually replace traditional ML (will hand crafted features become useless for most applications)
  • How does the brain really learn? Will our DL networks eventually truly think?
  • Are hand-tuned deep nets just another stage? Should we be striving for completely generalized network pools that adjust themselves for the task? (like an organic brain)
  • How will the limitations of mobile technology (hint: battery life) affect how we use DL?
  • How many jobs will be made useless because of DL?
  • Where will we be in 20 years?

Again I am not advocating to start flooding the forum with posts like this. But maybe people are interested. What do you think?

PS anyone from Maine on this forum and want to do a Meetup? It’s slow going learning in physical isolation.