Pixel shuffle

Hi everyone,

I am reviewing Lesson 7, and Jeremy mentionned that he would explains at https://youtu.be/9spwoDYwW_I?t=2435 that he would teach us about pixel shuffle in part 2. Alas, so much stuff was covered that he didn’t have the time to go back on U-nets…

Does anybody have ressources on pixel shuffle ? I’ve already printed doc on Unets and Unets++ for this week end, and I’d like to get info on pixel shuffle as well (my goal is to recreate Unet++ using pytorch/fastai, and so I’d like to implement pixel shuffle inside the Unet++ as well).

Thank you for your time :wink:

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He covered it in last years videos pretty well. I dont remember the lesson number but its there. Post resources here for learning about tricks in his unet. I was also looking to forward to it in part 2

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I’ll look into last year’s videos then. Thanks !

Right now I’m focused on understanding the “Dynamic” version of Unet, that takes any architecture as input and produces a Unet out of it. When I’m back to pixelshuffle I’ll come back here and post stuff if I find good ressources.

Thanks a lot for taking the time to answer !

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Check out this post from some time ago that lists relevant papers for the fastai unet: Fastai Unet


Hi bluesky,

thank you so much for the help! I really appreciate it !