Physics - Quantum Latent Diffusion

This is off-topic and a crazy idea. I was avoiding posting this, but sometimes the pressure of ideas swirl my mind and don’t quiet until I let them out. :crazy_face:

With the understanding my brain is randomly pattern matching limited data, I was pondering the following diagram from Lesson 9:

  1. Neural networks are probablistic.

  2. Quantum mechanics is probabilistic.

  3. Nature tends to evolve to the “most efficient” solution, so information compression may form part of the universe’s underlying representation. “What if” fundamental particles (or larger objects) exist as a compressed “latent”.

  4. The universe “runs” in latent-space.
    In a way similar to Stable Diffusion, vacuum energy forms a noisy background on which these latents are decoded, in a way consistent for all viewers each time-step (see recommended reading).

  5. Experiments like the double-slit where observation affects the results occur because that provdies an extra factor in the latents denoising.

  6. Mass slows down time due to a concentration of latents-denoising.

That is all. I feel better now.
p.s. recommended reading - Fall, by Neal Stephenson


Interesting thoughts Ben! While watching the lecture I was thinking along similar lines but about thoughts, how they sort of appear out of “nowhere” and maybe there’s a similar process involved in our Brains. Our brains “shape” the “noise” of all these neurons firing randomly, into a concept or shape or image and that pops up as a thought; or maybe the “thought circuits” sample the randomness and then mould it based on what the end result is supposed to be.

I was wondering what if what we “see” basically emerges out of a similar diffused process while the input (from the retina, say) acted as a constraint, ending up as perception of an object.

This reminds me, I need to finish reading Minsky’s “Society of Mind”. :slight_smile: