Personal Server and theano.gof.compilelock error

I was able to run through lesson 1 on the AWS instance but ran into trouble on my personal server when trying to load utils.

The error below is:

First things first, checked that utils was in the correct directory. Then searching the internet I found a few posts on the web that recommending deleting directories, ignoring the error, and to break up the code. Sometimes there is no error but it never completes. (always has *)

On the forums there was discussion about Python 3 trouble, and perhaps I installed multiple python directories, but it says im running 2.7 here.

I think my next steps are to just try to reinstall from scratch (running newest Ubuntu might be a problem) as it would at least be good practice.

Edit: I downgraded to Ubuntu 16 and it seems to have solved that problem.

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I am still facing this issue and I don’t want to change my operating system. Could someone help me debug it?