Pdp.pdp_isolate function requires a new positional argument 'features'



I am trying to pdp_isolate the ‘Sex’ feature in the Titanic competition, but I get an error if I try running the same code as shown in the lesson. Contrary to the original lesson’s code, pdp_isolate requires a new argument in addition to feat: features (the features of the model). So I did:

features = [feat for feat in df_raw.columns]


and then:

def plot_pdp(feat, clusters=None, feat_name=None):
    feat_name = feat_name or feat
    p = pdp.pdp_isolate(m, df_raw, features, feat)
    return plot_pdp(p, feat_name, plot_lines=True, cluster=clusters is not None, n_cluster_centers=clusters)

But I get this error:

TypeError: can't multiply sequence by non-int of type 'float'

Did anyone have any trouble using this function? What does this TypeError mean?