Part 2 v3 (2019) Release Date? List of topics for Part 2?

Hi everyone,

Any news on when part 2 2019 will be available? Just wondering as I’m trying to figure out what to tackle next. If it’s not gonna be available till end of June or July, then I’ll probably do something else in the meantime. But if it’s gonna be available in the next couple weeks I’ll wait. Any word, @Jeremy?

If release date can’t be mentioned yet, a list of the topics that the course covers would be awesome.


part1 v3, end of lesson 7 already mentioned the topics will be discovered in part 2

Yeah, was looking for something more detailed. Luckily with enough searching on GitHub, I found someone’s detailed notes from part 2, 2019 :slight_smile:

Can you share what you found on Github here.

There’s a few out there if you search for part 2 on github :wink: otherwise just wait a few more weeks to a month or so and the course will be live. (No promises on that timeline it’s up to their discretion on when to release it)

Thank you!

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Jeremy asks that you don’t post them on the forum until they’re released. There’s a seperate forum for when their officially released, we can just lead you there, please respect that :slight_smile: