Part 2 Notebook review

People outside of the SF bay area are invited!

Survery(please take):

As part of the sf-bay-area study group we are holding a notebook review of the notebook not shown in Part 1. We start sometime next week, the week of July 27th. We are now collecting times that people are available in order to try to accommodate as many people as possible across timezones.

Information on Survey:
The “What time can you join for end of notebook questions?” - question is when can you “guarantee” you will be available for the meeting. This tends to be where most of the discussion is around. Previously the questions were kept to 30 minutes, but we might expand this to 1 hour due to the lengthy discussions this can generate.

The “What time can you join for Introductions and silent reading?” -question is an informal one, on when you can possibly be available, but not completely guarantee it. This is so we can try to provide some more informal, join if you have time study time. This should really be a larger timeblock than when you are available for end of notebook questions.