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(David) #309

…I did not…

(Thomas) #310

teaming up!
I have been playing with a kernel to detect ship presence first.


It seems there is no alias to data folder in the dl2 folder (contrary to dl1).

I just figured out how to create one on linux terminal to make the notebook work.
cd into dl2 folder, then :
“ln -s ~/data”


At the end of the pascal notebook, Jeremy unfreezes to layergroup -2. Then does lr find with the following result

From this graph, he chooses for the next iterations lr=5*10^-3

Can anyone explain to me wy he chooses such value ? (The graph doesn’t look like the usual “decrease then increase” graph…)

Thanks a lot !

(Nikhil) #314

Hi I had the same question. that, will rotating the input image, will rotate bounding box co-ordinates.
Does CoordTransform achieve this?
Does CoordTransform increases accuracy?

(Luca) #315

Pay attention to which cells are actually run. He got me too! These commands are not supposed to be run in succession, just skip the second sched.plot. I believe that is used earlier to test which values would work better when unfreezing last two layers!
No need really for a second lr_find here, or you can try it with lr_find(lrs) instead of lrs/1000.

(Leonardo Lima) #316

Hello dude, I got the same error.

This fixed open_image(str(IMG_PATH/im0_d[FILE_NAME]))


Pd: I’m using paperspace and just git pull

(Ramon) #317

CoordTransform takes to coordinates as input (top-left and bottom-right). On rotation (or other transformations), internally (in class CoordTransform):

  1. it draws a rectangle (y = CoordTransform.make_square(y0, x)) - red in attached picture:
  2. rotates this rectangle (y_tr = self.do_transform(y, True)) - green in attached picture
  3. grap the new top-left and bottom-right (return to_bb(y_tr)) - blue in attached picture

So the return is a new bounding box (not rotated) that’s larger than the original.


(Nikhil) #318

I was thinking it will return green box. Thanks for clarification.


I had the exact problem and it (finally!) got resolved by opening the Command Palette and running ‘Python:Build Workspace Symbols’.

(Raaj) #321

I understood what I was asking.

(Cecelia Shao) #324

During Lesson 8 - is anyone else having facing an error >> AttributeError: 'PosixPath' object has no attribute 'endswith'?

This occurs during:
im = open_image(IMG_PATH/im0_d[FILE_NAME])

then further down during:

Here’s a screenshot of the specific lines that triggered the error in (see below). I went into to investigate and thought after reading this StackOverflow response that it might be formatting issue where endsWith() expects a string, but changing fn.endswith('.dcm'): to fn.toString().endsWith('.dcm'): did not help :frowning:

Any help with this error is appreciated!

(Cecelia Shao) #325

Update (with answer):

After much debugging, I discovered that the error was being probably caused by a wrong version of Python + that specific version of .endsWith() requiring a str type object.

For some subsequent lines where IMG_PATH is being read in, I added str()

(Dhruv Thakur) #326

I’m going through Part 2 right now and I’ve written a series of posts on my understanding of the content in lectures 8 and 9. Might be helpful for beginners.
Series starts here. Cheers.