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Thank you Jeremy and Rachel!


Thank you (@jeremy @rachel) for teaching, you guys are awesome for sharing all the materials!

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From TW, thank you Jeremy and Rachel for this great course!

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Thank you so much for this amazing course!

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Thank you Jeremy and Rachel for a very wonderful course.

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Love how Jeremy addresses the impostor syndrome. It’s really motivational. Thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge and motivations with us.

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Thank you so much @rachel and @jeremy! This is the best course that I have attended. I hope to do something useful with all that you have taught us. Thank you once again for sharing your knowledge with us. Hope to connect with you someday. Bye!

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I think that the checkerboard pattern is much less likely to appear in the output of the U-Net because you’re predicting 0s and 1s in the output mask (or the range 0 to c for multi-class segmentation), rather than trying to output an image with real pixel values. So you don’t need more complicated techniques like subpixel filters

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Thank you Rachel and Jeremy.

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Thank you @rachel and @jeremy for this course.

Congratulations to everyone for making it through. I hope to see and hear about all the great things you all make after taking this course!

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Thanks everyone … And of Course Jeremy And Rachael … It was an Awwwessomeeee… journey with all of you guys… I mean seriously … I have learnt so much in just few weeks than I would have in maybe years… I am blessed to have you all … Thanks once again… :hugs::star_struck::smiley: