Part 1: OS Error

Dear All,

I am trying my hand at using the code from part 1 on a 10 images of Japanese vs Korean characters. I have 10 images of each language in the training folder and 10 of each in the validation folder. After redirecting the path to the proper location however, I am running into an odd error which I cannot resolve. It says:

“OS Error: Is a directory: data/koreanjapanese/train/Japanese/.ipynb_checkpoints”

However, when looking at the folder in question, I don’t see a notebook in there. I have attached some images here as well for review. What may be the issue here?

Full Error Message Below:


Please check hidden files in train/Japanese folder.
And delete all files/folder inside train/Japanese folder other than images.
Same do for train/Korean folder.

This should resolve your problem.

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Thanks, I don’t have any hidden files on my local computer I used to upload the data. However, I think somehow a hidden file got added on the paperspace host machine. So I simply deleted the koreanjapanese folder and reuploaded files and it worked fine.

If there’s a quick way to check for hidden files via jupyter notebook please do let me know! Otherwise the issue has been resolved for me just by reuploading.

Several of us have used command line scripts inside the notebook to remove files: Lesson 1 (Week 1) OSError: Is a directory
How to remove .ipynb checkpoint

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