Part 1: OS Error

(Ram) #1

Dear All,

I am trying my hand at using the code from part 1 on a 10 images of Japanese vs Korean characters. I have 10 images of each language in the training folder and 10 of each in the validation folder. After redirecting the path to the proper location however, I am running into an odd error which I cannot resolve. It says:

“OS Error: Is a directory: data/koreanjapanese/train/Japanese/.ipynb_checkpoints”

However, when looking at the folder in question, I don’t see a notebook in there. I have attached some images here as well for review. What may be the issue here?

Full Error Message Below:



Please check hidden files in train/Japanese folder.
And delete all files/folder inside train/Japanese folder other than images.
Same do for train/Korean folder.

This should resolve your problem.

(Ram) #3

Thanks, I don’t have any hidden files on my local computer I used to upload the data. However, I think somehow a hidden file got added on the paperspace host machine. So I simply deleted the koreanjapanese folder and reuploaded files and it worked fine.

If there’s a quick way to check for hidden files via jupyter notebook please do let me know! Otherwise the issue has been resolved for me just by reuploading.

(Patrick Suzuki) #4

Several of us have used command line scripts inside the notebook to remove files: Lesson 1 (Week 1) OSError: Is a directory
How to remove .ipynb checkpoint