Paperspace setup help

(Raymond) #331

Thanks a lot. Everything works fine. Really a great and fast service you guys are providing. My Apologies for late reply.


Hi @dillon. Requesting approval of my request, which has been pending since yesterday, for the template. My credit card is already linked and my email starts with uma.dayal. Thanks!


Hi all! About how long is template approval taking these days on Paperspace?




Came through this morning :slight_smile:

(Evan Chan) #336

Hey @dillon, can you approve my request for template in West coast? My login is Thank you!

(David Speck) #337


I’ve trouble with my paperspace machine setup.

I did follow the instructions from:
And everything worked fine to the start of the jupyter notebook. It’s running, but I’m not able to access it.

When using the url with my public ip and the token, I only get the error ERR_ADDRESS_UNREACHABLE.

How do I figure out what went wrong?

(Alan) #338

hi @dillon and @dkobran could you please approve my request for a fastai machine? My email starts with alanpog@

(Daniel) #339

@alanpog Hey there, you’re all set! Sorry about the delay.

(Alan) #340

Awesome, thanks!


Hi, here’s a referral code for a $10 credit. Happy training!


(Please post if you use this, so others know it’s no longer valid. Thanks.)

(Soham Datta) #342

@dillon Hi im from India. I opted for a machine. Neither my jupyter notebook is opening in browser console nor am i being able to do ssh to my machine. Please help @all. My email is sohamdats1@

(Nishant) #343

I’ve requested a template on the AMS1 center. @dillon and @dkobran could you approve the request? My email is nishantshankar226@
Thanks a lot!

(Daniel) #344

@nish1 Looks like someone beat me to it! Take care.

(Daniel Brunelle) #345

Hey @dillon @dkobran, could I get access to a machine in the west coast? I put in a request recently. My email starts with daniel.brunelle
Thank you!

(Daniel) #346

@djbrunelle You’re all set!


@dkobran can you approve my request for a machine? My emails starts with dbnajafi.


Dear acosta,

thanks for the referral code – I have used it. Much appreciated!


Hi dkobran,

I put in a request regarding a machine on the west coast as well, email starting with “tom.”. Could you have a look at it?

BTW, appreciate that you respond to these forum posts and fasttrack the process. Thanks.


Since the FASTAI15 code doesn’t work anymore, here is my referal link:

so the code is: NJIESNN

This gives you (and me) at least 10$. You can also apply for a 15% discount if you are a student. hope this helps.


Hey @dkobran I’d like to get access to a machine in the east coast. Could you please approve my request? My email starts with carmoadriano. Thanks!