Paperspace replacement?

Greatly appreciate the free credits but thus far I’ve had a terrible experience with Paperspace.

Machines are often slow or unavailable; I cannot see my folders in Paperspace Gradient on VS code - I can connect though and run !ls in a new notebook, but I can’t open notebooks on the server; Jupyter Lab settings aren’t preserved; 6 hr machine limit even when actively using the machine.

So I’m curious if anyone has a good alternative? I don’t mind cost so much (keep it reasonable :stuck_out_tongue:), I just want a good development experience.


Lambda Labs have a good free credits offer here on this forum. I’ve found them totally reliable so far (except that they often have a shortage of machines).

1 Like (created by a alum). It’s really good, and used by Kaggle GMs.

And yes, Paperspace sucks.