Paperspace jupyter notebook socket error

I had it run couple days ago OK,
today I made
cd fastai
git pull
conda env update
conda update --all
conda env update

had ugly error and restarted machine, no luck

Hi there! I’ve just run into this problem as well. The problem is described here. It appears that there is an error with notebook v 5.7.0. You can solve this by installing 5.6.0.

pip uninstall notebook
pip install notebook==5.6.0
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Thanks a lot!
I guess update --all played a trick. I already killed machine, but definitely give it a try as error certainly will come back.

Many thanks. I run into the same problem and the solution you proposed worked for me too.


I faced this error today when I updated my conda environment. Just curious if anyone figured out what caused this. Why won’t jupyter 5.7.0 run with the conda environment update?