Paperspace: Jupyter notebook server setup

is it SBI classic card ??

Yes, it is.

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Does that mean we could subscribe with the given link and cumulate the 15$ of FASTAI15 with it?
Getting a total of 25$ ?

Try this paperspace promo code: RDI2OO

Also try this promo code : 2825SA

Still waiting for that Paperspace approval email for a P5000 instance. :sleeping:

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NG_VERSION_NUMBER] wrong version number (_ssl.c:748)
[W 18:02:10.874 NotebookApp] SSL Error on 10 (‘’, 40110): [SSL: WRONG_VERSION_NUMBER] wrong version number (_ssl.c:748)
[I 18:03:23.143 NotebookApp] 302 GET / ( 0.75ms
[I 18:03:23.168 NotebookApp] 302 GET /tree? ( 0.85ms
[I 18:03:30.598 NotebookApp] 302 POST /login?next=%2Ftree%3F ( 1.55ms
[I 18:03:30.618 NotebookApp] Refusing to serve hidden directory, via 404 Error
[W 18:03:30.626 NotebookApp] 404 GET /tree? ( 8.40ms referer=

I found a work around in this link Which allows you to open remote jupyter notebook in server machine from local browser. But I don’t want to run this command or even an alias of it everytime. Is there an easy way, a permanent way ? Thanks

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discount coupon code link is broken, please fix it.

Hi, paperspace has a Deep learning MOOC template, for any interesting:

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I’m still waiting for P5000 approval as well. There’s no urgency though, as the first lecture is still a week away.

edit: Just got approved!

i still waiting for P5000 approval .anyone who can guide me in this .

Paper space Refferal Code For 10$ credit :slight_smile: :- IMIAAL OR click The link Below

Thankfully my MasterCard Debit Card works there

Hi Marvin,
knowing the public IP assignment costs additional 3$.
To save this money (3$ = 0.4$/h x 7.5h),
how can one setup jupyter without public IP with only the private one ?

@iskode I think the IP is billed as a fixed 3$ per month. So not much of an issue.

That being said, my last run on paperspace had less than impressive performance for my taste.

Like most folks here, I got the $500 credit on AWS and my quote for a Volta GPU got approved so I am going to use that instead.

@marvin Ok, that’s good!
So by the way, I’m a bit lost with AWS, I also got $500 credit.
How to get/request for a Volta GPU ??


I well configured jupyter notebook to access it from the public ip, following @marvin advices/tuto. It worked well several days of turning on/off the machine. But now I have the following error: The server at is taking too long to respond. And I have no idea how to debug this. Thanks in advance

Here is a tutorial how to request a limit increase at AWS

The Volta instance is called: p3.2xlarge


Check whether the firewall setting is still in place to make sure you actually can reach port 8888.

In a nutshell, the problem I had with paperspace was outlandish sluggish network performance (like 89kb/s) so that downloading a simple dataset was estimated to take about two hours.

[Update: Nov/2/2017] Issues with paperspace are solved.

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