Paperspace Deleted All My Notebooks and All my Data

That was two years of work. They sent one email, the subject heading of which was Important: Your Gradient Storage. As I said to them in my subsequent communication, I get plenty of “Urgent” and “Critical Deadline” and “Important” emails that really aren’t. They then went ahead and deleted everything.

Meanwhile, I had opened a ticket with them trying to figure out how to download data from paperspace to my local machine. (Something similar has been opened in another thread here at fastai, but none of the solutions worked.) The thread began on April 19 and concluded on July 1 – the date on which, as fate would have it, all of my work was deleted.

We went back and forth 33 times, often with weeks of silence in between, and they were unable to resolve the problem. In that thread, they said things like, “We recently changed from V1 to V2 in Gradient so there is no need to put data in storage folder. It should all persist.”

But don’t worry, they made it right. They gave me a $5 credit. I kid you not.


They did the same with me. For me, it was around 9 months of work.

I’ve deleted my Paperspace account.


This sounds incredibly frustrating, I am also no longer using paper space.


I have been happy with paperspace services and prices.

But wow! This is just brutal. We should let others know.

I actually use my codes in local machine and use paperspace notebooks only as remote servers, so I think I am fine. I am definitely not leaving important data there.

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