Paperspace charged me 314.61 for which I did not utilize

Hello fellow coders,

I’m having real trouble resolving this issue with Paperspace. I got charged 314.61 for which I did not know I used. I set up the Terminal tool to USSH into the service (a guide I followed on this forum) which I figure that’s the problem. It may have been running in the backend not doing any work, but just being connected to it. But I’m quite disappointed in their services’ “auto-shutoff” functionality which is not auto shutoff at all. I’m going to have to have the bank block this statement. I tried to work with them on 10+ emails back and forth to resolve the issue, but they were not helpful. I’m incredibly disappointed with them. I’m posting here as a warning to anyone who is trying to use the service.

First, their customer service is terrible. There is no resolution with them.
Second, be careful using the USSH auto-login tool. It will probably not log you out.

It’s too bad that this is my first taste in trying to learn machine learning.

You have to power off the server on the control page to prevent being billed for that time. Otherwise, Linux servers stay online even if there is no active ssh connection.

Hey Vincent.

I’m surprised that paperspace won’t do anything for you. Especially If you are a first time user they should look at retaining your business.

However, maybe some good comes out of it.

If you follow this link

Login and take a look.

The node you will see under CREATE has a couple of 1080ti’s, SSD, 32gb ram and it’s on a 100/100 internet connection, and it’s at a very good rate. Furthermore, we do not use cloud services, we host our own hardware in house.

If you encounter any issues let me know and I’ll deal with it personally.

So, I invite you to try us out and if you give me some feedback. I will certainly apply some free credit for you and anyone else in this forum.

Best regards

Mark Krepka

In my experience paperspace isn’t very friendly or understanding with refunding charges. I had a situation where I couldn’t shut down my machine because they were performing website maintenance. So I had to go to bed and leave my machine running. I emailed and tweet at them only to get a long multi-day email thread about refunding me only 50% of my fees since I should’ve been able to turn it back off the moment their website came back up.

Also be careful to remember to delete all public IP addresses, machines and notebooks otherwise you’ll receive monthly re-occuuring charges even when not technically using any machine hours. I had a few charges I didn’t notice until months later. And their UI when I would delete a machine, the machine would re-appear. It’s unfortunate their support was so hostile and argumentative to me when clearly their services and billing aren’t flawless.

Definitely left a bad taste in my mouth for what is otherwise an amazing service.