Paper space so slow

this happened from the very first attempt to create a machine. i received an error about some rare error… can’t remember exactly…needing to re-partition space machine will be available soon. unfortunately after that got cleared up paper space is still incredibly slow. waiting minutes for machine to start, if it starts at all. logins take forever. i’ve emailed support and started a new machine. same issues. very very slow if it works at all. after many attempts i suspended my efforts because classes started. now i’m trying to get back at it.

any ideas? should i try the other service? AWS


This happened to me, and it turned out that I was the problem. This is probably not the issue you’re facing, but just in case:

Clicking on this

seems like it should turn on the machine, but it doesn’t. It brings you to this:

which looks like it’s booting up, but it isn’t. It will spin here forever. You need to hit the power button (on the left above the terminal window) to actually launch the machine. Alternatively, from the first screenshot, click specifically the gear (settings) button, which will bring you to here:

Then click start.

As I said, you are probably having more legitimate technical issues, but in case this helps someone who was having the same experience as me …